Stella in Sunglasses
Stella's Stories, The Kiddos

Stella’s Stories – story 1.

*Disclaimer: I didn’t have my camera up and ready when this actually took place. I just had to recreate it so y’all could get an idea of what I saw!!

The past couple of nights Stella has not wanted to go to bed. She’ll do anything to keep from going to bed. Once I put her in bed, I hear the usual “water!” “Milk!” “Apple!” “Chocolate!”

Last night she even got out of bed multiple times. I would just send her back to bed, usually giving her a pop on the behind. She finally gets quiet. So I start to give Flint a bath. Then I hear little footsteps coming through the house. They stop at our bedroom door. I look up, and this is what I see.

A little girl.
In pajamas.
With sunglasses on!
“Hey.” she says.

I had to look away and close my eyes to keep from laughing! This girl!



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