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Surprise Blessing!

I’ll never forget the day…

The day I learned I was 18 weeks pregnant and never even knew it! But let’s back up a little bit.

Flint was born January 18. We brought him home, and everything was going as planned. Everything was normal. Then along came July when things became a little weird, I guess you could say. I go to my doctor for my yearly check up, and explain to her what’s going on. We decide to try a different birth control.

“You’ve been protected…” she said. Hmmm….

After a second type of birth control, things begin to get back to normal – or so I thought. Now it’s about halfway through August. I notice I’m gaining weight. I’m hungry all the time. My feet are swelling.

For a week or two, I just ignore the signs thinking, I guess I’m just not as active as I was after having Stella so it’s harder to lose this last bit of baby weight. Then The Husband begins to notice I’m gaining weight, and then I hit it. A number on the scale I’ve never hit not being pregnant.

So I finally decide to take a test – just to rule this option out because in my mind this is not the reason I’m gaining weight or hungry all the time.

But it’s positive.

My head starts to shake back and forth. I don’t think it’s quit shaking to this day! It’s still unbelievable to me.

Fast forward to our first appointment to check this surprise baby’s heartbeat. Remember, we’re thinking we’re just about eight weeks along because everything was normal until July.

The doctor looks at the screen and gets this funny look on her face. She hasn’t shown us the screen yet so we’re getting a little worried.

“How far along are you?” she asks.

“Well, we thought about eight weeks.”

“You’re a little bit further along than that,” she says as she shows us the screen.

My mouth drops. There’s a baby on the screen. I’m confused. I shouldn’t be seeing a baby. It should just be a little dot.

“So do you want to know if it’s a boy or girl if we can tell?” she asks.

“Yea, I want to know what it is,” I say even as I’m thinking, We shouldn’t be able to see what it is yet. We’re only eight weeks along!

She tells us it’s a boy and we ask how far along we actually are.

“18 weeks.”

“18 weeks!” The head shaking starts again…

Daily Life, SweetStella

Stella’s Stories – story 1.

*Disclaimer: I didn’t have my camera up and ready when this actually took place. I just had to recreate it so y’all could get an idea of what I saw!!

The past couple of nights Stella has not wanted to go to bed. She’ll do anything to keep from going to bed. Once I put her in bed, I hear the usual “water!” “Milk!” “Apple!” “Chocolate!”

Last night she even got out of bed multiple times. I would just send her back to bed, usually giving her a pop on the behind. She finally gets quiet. So I start to give Flint a bath. Then I hear little footsteps coming through the house. They stop at our bedroom door. I look up, and this is what I see.

A little girl.
In pajamas.
With sunglasses on!
“Hey.” she says.

I had to look away and close my eyes to keep from laughing! This girl!